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KiloKiller - around the clock weight loss - fizzy pills

Are you tired of overweight? Don't you have time for gym and no diet seems to work? Then you have found what you are looking for! KiloKiller is the absolute weapon against those extra kilos. Its effectivness lies in the around the clock weight loss concept that maximizes your weight loss throughout the day and night. With 3 different fizzy pills a day you will definitely lose weight.

Get a DVD for free when you buy 2 KiloKiller! Choose either Hollywood Workout OR Cindy Crawford OR Carmen Electra Striptease. Write your choice of DVD in the message box at checkout.

KiloKiller contains a total of 30 active, natural ingredients which help you to eliminate fat, restrict absorbtion of fat and burn fat. Goodbye overweight! KiloKiller ”Morning” helps to reduce your fat storage and increases the termogenesis. KiloKiller “Midday” reduces fat absorption and effectively curbs your appetite. KiloKiller ”Night” burns fat and restricts the accumulation of fat in the fat tissues. KiloKiller comes with free beauty tips on what to eat during the treatment and how to get a fabulous body without a single minute in the gym. 3 for 2 >> click here! Rapid delivery from Sweden.

A slimming programme based on taking into account your internal clock gives astonishing results. The kilos melt away without recurring pangs of hunger.

Contents: 14-day treatment
Manufacturer: Laboratoires Vitarmonyl, France
Ingredients: Cider vinegar, Green tea, Mate, Orthosiphon, Guar gum, Grape marc...

Price: £39

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